Bred by Liberty Reach
Cross of Cherry Cookies and The White
THC - 25% [19-22%]
Terpenes - Herbal / Peppery / Pine
Sweet mint and cherry flavours


Exactly what you would expect from a cross of Cherry Cookies and The White, Frosted Cherry Cookies is a trichome-rich take on the popular Cherry Cookies. Bred by Liberty Reach, this strain is tasty like the classic GSC with a sweet profile that’s also crisp and fresh. The smooth taste makes for an enjoyable smoke, as you float into a mellow headspace. Frosted Cherry Cookies is a great daytime strain for experienced users, but also pleasant for anyone smoking at the end of the night. 

The flavours and aroma are out of this world with notes of sweet mint and cherries, and quite similar to the Fire Cookie line. It can treat cramps and muscle tension. Ideal for daytime and evening usage. Frosted Cherry Cookies has a potent high and is great for a comfortable afternoon smoke, or when you need some much-needed relaxation after work. A lightning bolt of a head high fades into a calm. 

Excerpt from Independent Analysis