Bred by Jordan of the Islands
Cross of Afghani and Northern Lights
THC - 21% [20-22%]
Terpenes - Fruity / Herbal / Pine
Earthy aroma with citrus notes


The first time I tried Cactus Breath, yes, I got that prickly feeling of pins and needles.  Maybe someone was running a little cactus up and down my back? It's an adept Pain Killer afterall.

Cactus Breath is a premier and high-end strain created by way of crossing Afghani and Northern Light strains. Generally located throughout the West Coast, this strain can be well described as cone-like with knobby protrusions that provide it a “cactus-like” look with in sticky trichomes. The buds have quite a number colorations of purples, browns and green and the unique terpene profile can be described as doughy with floral bits that many people have described tasting like a cactus. The results of Cactus Breath are genuinely strong and utilization will deliver on an immediate cerebral high that causes an unfocused euphoric feeling that may additionally be accompanied with lethargy and relaxation.

Cactus Breath buds are conic with knobby formations and emit a natural earthy aroma with citrus notes. This strain is recognised to be an adept painkiller, imparting relief to aches and sore muscle tissues as well as spasms and anxiety. Many describe Cactus as having uplifting, energizing effects. It has come to be a in demand staple amongst the connoisseurs of Seattle and was once amongst the first-place winners in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Cactus breath has a pungent skunky odour that possesses undertones of garlic and herbs. While the scent isn’t exceptionally appetizing to everyone, and the flavour is much less than desirable, the results are what maintain buyers and keep them buyinig more. Cactus Breath users say it creates a calming euphoria that relaxes both the body and mind, giving a joyful tranquility to overtake you. They say you won't get anything accomplished under the influence of this strain as it tends to make you into a couch potato with a foggy mind. Mental clarity isn’t likely, so the usage of this strain in the nighttime close to bedtime can also be a proper choice. Watching TV or zoning out are perfect things to do whilst on this strain.

Properly dosing Cactus Breath is essential as it can anxiousness if ingested. Expect dry mouth, and have a hydration ready before ingesting this strain. Reviewers have a tendency to revel in this strain due to the fact they experience it helps their thinking flow into a deep sleep.

It receives its genetics from combining Mendo Breath with Cactus, developing a powerful hybrid that shows in most cases indica outcomes rather than any sativa. THC ranges can differ considering on how this strain’s plants are cultivated, so make sure you look at THC levels before taking your first dose.