Ayahuasca Purple by Barney’s Farm

Ayahuasca Purple by Barney’s Farm - 3.5g

Ayahuasca Purple by Barney’s Farm is a deeply relaxing indica-dominant cross of Master Kush and Red River Delta.

The primary aromas are unique, expressing hints of hazelnut and papaya. This indica-dominant strain develops a deep purple foliage and it is sensitive to overfeeding. Enjoy Ayahuasca Purple at the end of the day to maximize its relaxing, full-body effects. This strain has a rich hazelnut and papaya aroma to create a heavenly relaxing and satisfying effect.

Genetics: Red River Delta + Master Kush
Effect: A feeling to be in a Sociable Euphoric State of Happines that Relaxes
Indica : 100%
Indica/Sativa: 100%
Indica Medical: No
Taste: Lavender, Mango, Nutty, Papaya Tropical Aroma, Earthy, Flowery, and Sweet