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I. How Our Story Begins... 

The story began on the eve of Canadian legalization on a cloudy autumn night in downtown Victoria B.C. A few of us were sitting at the Bard & Banker over a few pints and by the third one, the topic of ethics and marijuana came up from one of my friends visiting the city.

We went back and forth about the sustainability of ethics within the cannabis industry with one side believing that like all things, it will sell out to the corporations.

The belief among some of the people in the group was that after legalization, cannabis stores were going to eventually submit to the corporation mentality and no longer care about the product and the people they serve.

We have seen it with grassroots movements that gave up their integrity, quality, and ethics to serve themselves instead. While my friends were not wrong about the potential of the industry, I thought about it differently.

Why don’t we change the game AND why don’t we change the industry to be more environmentally friendly and customer friendly to meet your needs- the people.

We serve locally and here we are to BudDrop happiness in your life.


II. BudDrop - Why We Are About Integrity

In today’s age, it is difficult to find health products that are natural and wholesome for our personal development. Often, products are processed through an assembly line of machines and processed to cut cost to the organization.

BudDrop believes in being a people-first company. By being people-first, we focus on a cannabis product that serves your needs through a detailed-orientated process of organic cultivation. Through this organic cultivation, our experts examine the plants through a step-by-step process that includes growing the cannabis plant at a perfected temperature and carefully examining its bud development with our company-perfected techniques.

After the examination of the bud, we review the strain in our ultramodern labs to choose the best one for your wants and needs. Each carefully examined bud is organically grown to ensure that you are getting the cleanest collection of cannabis.

Our strains are climate friendly and respects the planet during and after use. With each purchase of BudDrop, you are supporting a greener planet with an organically grown plant that brightens your day.

Products are a reflection of the company’s integrity and growing the most climate-friendly cannabis is for you, our friend, and neighbor. With a product of integrity, you will feel the cleanest Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on absorption.

The cleaner the oil, the more your mind will grow in creativity, intelligence, and clarity in decision making. At BudDrop, building integrity-based cannabis begins with the people first, your friends, and neighbors and it is because you deserve and have earned the right to free your mind.            

I'm amazed by this product and have never felt so great! and the delivery was fast!! This has got to be one of the cleanest products out there and they weren't kidding about the relaxing effects. I work 12 hour days in therapy counseling and the Ayahuasca Purple makes me stress free on those long days at work. I will be ordering more!! - Gennifer Goodwin