How to Spot Top Shelf CBD Flower

The CBD market is laden with self-called ‘Top Shelf CBD Flower’ with each vendor claiming that they’re offering the premium CBD flower. But if that was the case, there wouldn’t be a subpar flower finding its way into every corner of the market. There are top-shelf flowers and below-the-line flowers that every buyer must know how to distinguish. In our brief guide, we’ll break down for you how to spot a top-shelf CBD flower online or in person. 

Aroma and Aesthetics 

Premium CBD flower holds a juicy aroma coupled with thick trichomes that makes the flower come alive with its bright colors. Most high-end vendors use the hand-trimming process to perfectly curate the CBD flower and hence, all the dankest parts of the flowers stay intact. Just by the aesthetics of the flower, one could easily make assumptions about its quality. 

Environmental Conditions 

Artificial products coupled with other synthetic means are used to grow low-quality CBD flower on large scales. But, all the top-shelf CBD flowers are grown using organic dirt and fertilizers in a controlled environment.

In such a way, no artificial products are involved in the cultivation process. While the indoor or outside conditions can affect the potency of the CBD flower, it’s the organic growing medium that makes it possible to cultivate top-shelf CBD flowers. To enjoy CBD flower to its fullest extent, it must have the desired percentage of cannabinoids coupled with premium smell, taste, and feel – and it cannot be done without a high-quality cultivation process. 


A premium CBD flower can only be called top shelf if it is reviewed and tested by independent third parties. If a vendor fails to provide the certificate of analysis of the CBD flower, certainly, the CBD flower presented in front of you isn’t up to par. It is common for high-end vendors offering organic CBD flowers to provide their customers with a copy of the certificate of analysis.

Where to buy top-shelf CBD flower online?

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