1g of Torra Borra in each cartridge.
INDICA Heavy Strain
Far different from other pens or pen cartridges on the market.

Tora Bora is an almost pure indica strain with powerfully heavy effects meant for high-tolerance cannabis veterans. Named after the region near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, DNA Genetics bred this 99% indica strain by combining L.A. Confidential and X18 Pure Pakistani. The result is a resin-loaded, spicy-smelling indica that can appear almost blue in its coloration. Few strains will deliver better relief for pain and insomnia, and recreational consumers will enjoy the intensity of Tora Bora as long as no plans are made to leave the house. 

Caked is the highest quality brand on the market. All the products are made without the use of ANY fillers, additives or flavouring. All products made purely with THC or CBD and LIVE terps. Don’t be fooled by just about every other brand on the market claiming to be pure or packed with artificial flavours or frozen terps. Every flavour is the actual strain advertised and created to the highest quality money can buy. We have compared all products in this brand to what is advertised to be the other top brands, and 10/10 people chose caked as being far superior. Quality always speaks for itself. Which is why we at Buddrop have chosen to support this brand.

Far different from other pens or pen cartridges on the market.