The 5 highest THC strains

THC also known as tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical compound found in cannabis plants that creates the psychoactive effect that gets you high. Sometimes average weed just wont do, which is why we have compiled a list of the highest THC strains around. Enjoy!

Bruce Banner 3

This is one of the most potent cannabis strains in the world, with levels of THC being over 25 percent, making it a good choice for recreational use. The strain, which is a hybrid whose genetics originate from the popular OG Kush and sought-after Strawberry Diesel, also has a decent level of CBD, meaning that it has medicinal value. Consuming this strain will give you a blissful experience, given its heritage.

The great Bruce Banner hybrid is Sativa dominant. As such, you can expect a sativa buzz, pain-numbing, energetic, and uplifting feeling from its consumption. It has a pungent earthy and diesel scent that lingers even after harvesting, drying, and curing. The signature aroma is so distinct that regular users of Bruce Banner 3 can easily recognize it. The strain’s taste is similar to the scent. However, it has a sweet touch when exhaled.

Why is this strain popular? Bruce Banner is popular for its ability to induce a dramatic level of happiness. The strain sponsors joy, laughter, and positive vibes, making it an incredible choice if you have had a tough day or you are going through difficult moments. The best thing about this strain is that its effects last longer compared to many strains.

The strain can also provide therapeutic benefits. Its analgesic properties help with managing pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis. The strain can also be useful in ADHD, depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD management.

Gorilla Glue 4

Gorilla Glue 4 is a THC powerhouse, with levels over 25%. The strain has big and sticky buds whose resin sticks the scissors much like the super glue brand when trimming them; hence the name Gorilla Glue 4. This incredibly potent hybrid is a creation of crossbreeding Sour Dub, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem Sista. Gorilla Glue 4 is an Indica dominant strain that is great for making hash and oils. It takes most of its attributes from the Chocolate Diesel strain. If you are a novice weed consumer, be warned that this highly potent may be too strong for you!

How does it taste and smell? This strain gives off a strong earthy and sour aroma. It gives users a taste of coffee and mocha, which is followed by a lingering aftertaste of diesel and sour berries.

Gorilla Glue 4 gives a smooth smoke that will hit you with a powerful Indica high. The effect will be calming, giggly, couch lock, and headstone. Before you consume this strain, make sure you have completed your day’s work because you will want to enjoy your weed without interruptions. This strain will help you forget about your day’s stresses, thanks to its heavy-hitting.

Therapeutically, you can also use this strain. Thanks to its pain-numbing effect, it can be used for pain management. You can also use it for managing insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. You should also go for it if your appetite is worryingly low!

Girl Scout Cookies

This sought-after hybrid strain was created in 2012 and had its origin in California. Its dessert-like flavor and soaring potency make it popular. The product of the famous OG Kush and Durban Poison prides itself on THC levels over 25% as well as hard-hitting and long-lasting effects. With the possession of its parents’ best qualities, Girl Scout Cookies is among the sought-after strains.

The Indica dominant strain won the best hybrid award in 2013, and since then, it has bagged over five awards because of its high potency, effects, and flavor profile.

Its taste? This hybrid has an exceptional flavor, which is one of the reasons it’s popular. When you smoke it, you will be treated spicy and sweet taste that feels like something from the oven. During exhalation, a sweet and earthy taste dominates and lingers for hours after you are done smoking. And the smell? Who wouldn’t want to taste something that smells like a minty and spicy fragrance? When combusted, your room will be filled with a sweet, minty, earthy, and spicy scent.

The strain will guarantee you an energetic, psychedelic, headstone, and uplifting feeling. The best thing about this strain is that you will experience instant effect. Ensure you have some edibles to munch on after consuming this strain because it is an appetite inducer.

Its therapeutic use cannot be ignored. It’s particularly helpful in boosting appetite among patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is also a great choice for pain management.


This strain is famous for its candy-flavored taste. The hybrid strain was a product of three strains. Among these are Indica Grape Ape and Sativa Grapefruit. The third parent strain is unknown. With the THC content ranging between 22% and 25%, this average potent strain has won several awards, such as the Cannabis Cup and Emerald in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Although the strain is Indica-centered, its effects are sativa dominant. If you are not an experienced user, this strain is good for you because its potency is not that high. Nonetheless, you need to approach Zkittlez with caution because it packs a powerful punch.

The strain has a sweet smell that is subtle during cultivation. However, the smell is more pronounced after harvesting and properly drying and curing. During combustion, the room will be filled with citrus, sour, tropical, and citrus aromas with some herbal undertones. Its citrus, sour, fruity, and spicy taste will leave your sweet tooth satisfied on consumption. Given its exceptional taste, you run the risk of overconsumption, so be careful.

Expect a calming, appetizing, energetic, calming, and uplifting effect from consuming this strain. Your social skills will also be boosted as the strain will increase your desire and ability to interact with others readily. As such, it is a great choice if you are hanging out with friends and family. Be informed that this breed also has medicinal value, given its analgesic and relaxant properties.

Great White Shark

This list could not be complete without this popular breed. Great White Shark is one of the most famous breeds to have been created in Amsterdam. With an average potent level, this strain is a good choice for both intermediate and experienced users because its effects won’t be that great. The product of Super Skunk and White Widow, Great White Shark has won the 1997 High Times Cannabis cup, establishing the breed’s presence in the cannabis industry. The breed induces a strong effect on your body, lasting several hours after using it.

During the final stages of flowering, this variety produces dense and big buds that give off a strong fruity scent. Great White Shark is famous for its calming, headstone, and calming effect. As such, the variety is a great relaxant choice after a long and stressful day. You want to enjoy it after work because the couch lock effect cannot allow you to continue working.

This variety also has a significant medicinal value. Given its fast-hitting effect, the strain is usually used for chronic pain relief. Great White Shark can also be used to treat other health conditions, such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Go for this versatile and robust breed for a heavenly experience!

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