Weed Plant Stages & Growing Life Cycle Explained

Just one of the most unbelievable items about rising marijuana is viewing the plant’s total lifetime cycle in the place of a single yr or just a few months. The cannabis advancement cycle is a lengthy and arduous when thinking of what it takes to switch a very small seed into a massive plant, but the stop final result is difficult to quantify. Distinct improvements to the plant signify the specific weed plant levels, a characteristic mimicked in plant and animal life across the Earth. Read on to learn more about the cannabis lifetime cycle and what you know about just about every phase.

Overview of the Growth Cycle

The cannabis growth cycle is dependent primarily on no matter whether you are escalating indoor or outside weed. Indoor increasing permits you to manipulate the increasing disorders and for that reason “trick” a plant into flowering before than it ordinarily would outside. 

Out of doors weed will work on the sun’s time clock and relies on scorching, lengthy days to access its complete likely. Greenhouse weed is someplace in involving considering that you can use mild deprivation technology to management the growth phases.

Total, it can take in between 4-8 months to grow marijuana from seed. Nonetheless, you can shorten this lifecycle with autoflower strains or by setting up with clones. Many growers refer to Oct as “Croptober” because this is the most popular time of yr for harvesting out of doors marijuana.

Cannabis Plant Development Stages

Of training course, all marijuana plants begin as seeds. These seeds are the product of the male plant fertilizing the woman plant. As a normal rule, weed seeds are fairly impervious to nearly anything you throw at them and will endure for very some time. They are, however, inclined to getting “frozen to dying.” They turn into unusable if they’ve been exposed to temperatures beneath 20 levels Fahrenheit for any length of time. Let us check out what occurs up coming.


If you control to prevent your seeds from freezing, the future phase is germination. Throughout this section, the seed is exposed to dampness and mild to coax it out of its shell. It does not necessarily need soil to sprout, but it will will need some variety of nutrient value as soon as it commences to improve. The germination section is normally indicated by two cotyledon leaves appearing earlier mentioned the soil. 

The germination stage can take put over 3-10 days, although some seeds will germinate in as very little as 24 several hours or as very long as two weeks. Throughout this time, the seeds have to have 16 hours of gentle for each day. 


As quickly as the seed has germinated, the seedling phase starts. This is when true leaf progress with the traditional ridges start out to demonstrate. All through the seedling phase, the plant will establish a sturdier root method that entrenches by itself deep into the soil. It also sets the stage for the manufacturing of chlorophyll that will be essential for advancement afterwards on in the cannabis development cycle. 

The seedlings want to be retained warm and fed with nitrogen-abundant nutrients at this time. Continue to keep the lights on for 16 hrs for each working day. This phase lasts amongst two and a few weeks, while some strains have stretched this section up to 6 weeks. 


Your crops are beginning to acquire form as they enter the vegetative growth phase. A large expansion spurt takes spot, and really do not be astonished to see them extend up to two inches for each working day as the toddler plants gobble up nutrients. Throughout the veg stage, plants grow to be increasingly responsive to mild, consequently the purpose indoor growers are capable to manipulate lighting ailments so substantially in the course of this time. 

As they acquire, sativas will choose on their lanky appearance and indicas will get started to look more rounded and bushy. Having said that, which is not all that changes—the vegetative phase is like puberty for your vegetation. Male crops will expand pollen sacs, and woman crops will deliver two white pistils. Be absolutely sure to take away these pollen sacs, so you never stop up with any pollination issues. 

Keep these developing babies heat, moist, and nicely-fed, and they will consider off quickly. The lights can stay on for as very little as 16 hrs, but up to 24 ongoing several hours. The vegetative phase lasts about 3-8 weeks.


The flowering stage is the home stretch for all marijuana plants. A lot less light encourages the plant to generate its buds as it reaches the close of its lifestyle cycle. The flowering phase lasts involving 6-9 weeks and is damaged up into a few components:

  • Pre-flower | Months 1-3: Pistils are proof of pre-flowers, and these white hairs point out the place buds will mature. 
  • Mid-flower | Weeks 4-5: The plant has stopped escalating and is directing all of its vitality into forming flowers. The pistils will switch from white to amber as the buds get fatter.
  • Late flower | Week 6 to harvest: The buds are acquiring sticky as the trichomes ripen, filling the air with the sweet scent of fresh cannabis. 

Fewer than 12 hrs of light-weight for every day is exceptional for vegetation in the flowering stage. As crops are ripening, be guaranteed to flush them to clear away any salts and nutrients remaining in the plant. You will know it is time to harvest when the trichomes transform to a light-weight brown, virtually like brown sugar or caramel. Don’t hold out way too lengthy to harvest, or the THC content material will degrade. When in doubt, opt for an before harvest than a later on one.


It’s finally time to slash down the plants as shortly as they have achieved comprehensive maturity. This is done by reducing the plant apart branch by department and hanging them to dry. It is essential that you consider excess care when cutting down and transporting branches to keep away from damaging the fragile trichomes. 

A dry home must keep humidity degrees involving 40-50% and will require to hang for approximately 10-14 times. As well a great deal humidity can guide to mildew, not ample can dry out the buds way too speedily, and you conclude up with crumbly weed.


Immediately after the cannabis is dried, it is time to prune the buds. This is a tedious system, as you have to first take away the buds from the stalk and pluck off all of the enthusiast leaves. Then, making use of a sharp pair of scissors, you trim off the sugar leaves on all sides of the bud. The target is to clear away just sufficient and under no circumstances way too significantly. Each individual grower seems to have a different preference for how they like their weed trimmed, but the most crucial factor is to maintain the form and type of the bud. 

At the time the buds are pruned to perfection, it’s time to heal them. This portion can choose a couple of months and will involve sealing the buds in an airtight container. In the course of the to start with few months, “burp” the jar by opening and closing to let in oxygen, and then seal back up and shop it in a darkish area. The curing method produces superior tasting weed and a smoother smoking encounter.

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